Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Limited

Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd works with the Best in Class Principals for Commodity and Speciality Chemicals. Their quality products and timely delivery enables the team to fulfil customers requirements. The team at Heetu also works very closely with all principals for new product developments and establishing new markets. Heetu Chemicals is constantly looking at the market to develop new relationships with Suppliers. We can be an able partner to distribute products to dealers and end users.

Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited

GACL is one of the largest producers of Caustic Soda in India, with a production capacity of 1087 TPD. We are accredited with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 50001:2011. Our QHSE En policy reflects our emphasis and commitments

Dow Chemicals international Private Limited

Dow Chemicals International offers a variety of products, solutions and technologies for packaging and specialty plastics, water, health, food, pharma, coatings, automotive, infrastructure, home, institutional and personal care.


A biocide product is one which controls harmful or unwanted organisms through chemical or biological means. Common examples of such products are disinfectants, wood preservatives, leather preservatives, water treatment and insect repellents.

Heetu has tied up with various Indian and Global companies to source best in class biocides which are environmentally safe and cost effective.


Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies has joined hands with X-Calibur Construction Chemistry Inc who are manufacturers of high quality specialist construction products. They specialize in making concrete perform better in two main areas - Protection and Waterproofing of concrete to prevent deterioration. Additional they are also experts in Restoration of damaged concrete to restore its performance.

Some of the Key Areas they are focused on:

  • Sealants for Aprons and Taxiways and epoxy bedding material for ground lights, stanchions etc
  • Epoxy flooring applications for Hangars, Terminal Buildings, Catering Areas (anti-slip food grade), Car Parks, etc
  • Waterproofing of Water Tanks, Roof, Terrace, Podium areas, Joints, Ramps, Tunnels
  • Elastomeric Coatings to concrete structures, reflective coatings to terraces
  • Concrete repair to floors, buildings etc

Heetu, X-Calibur and Jet have common business values and are like minded in their customer approach. Heetu team in India will be involved with Product Development, Technical Services, Applications, Sales and Stocking.