Caustic Soda Prills

Caustic Soda Prills (Pearl) & Caustic Soda Solid (Flakes) also known as Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) in the Chlor-Alkali world is used in various applications by numerous industries worldwide. Uniform and ideal size of prills encourage great mixing qualities in dry blend detailing and groups fantastic free-stream properties. Caustic Soda Prills are hard and pound safe as they don’t effectively separate into aggravation tidy. Low aggravation tidy means low dampness retention, significantly decreases the danger of building up. Caustic Soda Prills break up quicker requiring just a shorter time of unsettling. Caustic Soda Prills being denser than chips, involve less space for a similar weight of Caustic. This licenses ideal usage of storerooms and negligible transport cost.

If there should arise an occurrence of contact, quickly flush skin with a lot of water for no less than 15 minutes while expelling debased garments and shoes. Wash attire before reuse. Completely perfect shoes before reuse. Get medicinal consideration promptly. In the mash and paper industry a lot of sodium hydroxide is both expended and created ceaselessly. Sodium hydroxide is likewise used to clean sewage and channels from fats, sustenance scraps and other natural materials. It is additionally utilized for the filtering of oil paint or overwhelming obligation cleaning of ruined floors in carports and workshops. Anhydrous burning pop is changed over into a strong state by a dissipation procedure in a few stages and is accessible as prills or chips. Our Caustic Soda Prills import information arrangements meet your real import prerequisites in quality, volume, regularity, and geology.

Product Description


   Ultra High Purity caustic soda


   Free flowing milky white granules


   Specially packed under completely dry and airconditioned climate. Automatic weighing, heat sealing and stitching in dehumidified environment gives along lasting lumps-free storage. 

Sr.    Characteristic    Specifications
   1.    Sodium Hydroxide (as NaOH) on dry basis    %    99.40    min
   2.    Sodium Carbonate (as Na2CO3)    %    00.60    max
   3.    Chloride (as NaCl)    %    00.02    max
   4.    Iron (as Fe+++)    ppm    10.00    max
   5.    Nickle (as Ni)    ppm    5.00    max
   6.    Particle Size (nominal)    mm    0.7 to 1.1
   Caution : Exothermic Reaction with water, human tissues

  Major Consuming Industries :

   Pulp & Paper




   Soaps and Detergents


   Petroleum Products


   Aluminum Metal


   Chemical Process


   Bleach Manufacturing