Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a concoction compound with the recipe H2O2. In its unadulterated frame, it is a lackluster fluid, marginally more gooey than water. Hydrogen peroxide is the least difficult peroxide (a compound with an oxygen–oxygen single bond). It is utilized as an oxidizer, fading operator and disinfectant. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide, or “high-test peroxide”, is a receptive oxygen animal types and has been utilized as a fuel in rocketry.Its science is commanded by the idea of its precarious peroxide security. Hydrogen peroxide is a gentle sterile utilized on the skin to anticipate disease of minor cuts, scratches, and consumes. It might likewise be utilized as a mouth wash to help evacuate bodily fluid or to ease minor mouth disturbance (e.g., because of blister/mouth blisters, gingivitis). This item works by discharging oxygen when it is connected to the influenced range. The arrival of oxygen causes frothing, which expels dead skin and clean the range.

Mainly produces ‘active oxygen ‘ in all concerned processes and is available in Stainless Steel tankers and also in 30 kgs 50 kgs HDPE carboys. It is Colorless Liquid and is completely miscible in water.

Product Description

Packing :

  • 30 kg/50kg HM-HDPE Carboys,bleachwin Stabilizer
  • 50 kg HM-HDPE Carboys, Bleachwin Activator
  • 25 kg /50 kg HDPE bags with inner hm-HDPE liner

Production Capacity :

  • Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide 500 Tonnes per Annum
  • Bleachwin Achiever – 50 Tonnes per Annum

Hydrogen Peroxide Features:  

  • Special stabilizers used for rate control of bleaching using GACL’s specila grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Specially activators are developed to activate Hydrogen Peroxide at room temperature in all weathers
  • No heating energy required as used in textile process houses / textile mills
  • Easily adoptable to existing setup of hand – processing sectors of India (Rajasthan, Gujarat, South India )
  • No Chlorinated effluent generated like Hypo or bleaching powder and  hence it is an Eco-friendly

At GACL, we bring the premium quality products manufactured by the state-of-the-art technologies.Bleachwin is the result of collaborative research efforts of GACL & ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textiles Industry’s Research Association) for Eco-friendly. Chlorine-free textile bleaching process exclusively developed for all hand processing units of India using special grade Hydrogen Peroxide in place of bleaching powder / Sodium Hypo Chlorite.

Sr. No.
Characteristic Specifications
      Bleachwin Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O3)
    Appearance     Colourless liquid
    Concentration     50% w/w
    Stability     0.3ml of O2 / 25ml at 1000C for 30 minutes
      Special Activator
    Appearance     White Crystalline Powder
    Iron (as Fo )     6ppm max
    Manganese (as Mn)     10ppm max
      Special Stabilizer
    1.     Appearance     Clear yellowish Liquid
    2.     Ionic Nature     Anionic

Caution : Avoid contact of wood & iron with 50% concentrated

As a bleaching agent in Paper Pulp , Textiles, Sugar , Coir, Electronic equipment’s.