Potassium carbonate

Potassium carbonate otherwise called potash or pearl slag, shows up as a white powder or as vapid strong gem with salty taste and deliquescent. It can be disintegrated in water to frame a firmly antacid arrangement. Be that as it may, it is insoluble in natural solvents, for example, ethanol. It has wide applications. For instance, it can be utilized as a drying operator, buffering specialist and a wellspring of potassium in research center. It can likewise be utilized for the assembling of flame dousers, cleanser, glass, and relax water. Likewise, it is additionally utilized amid the creation of cocoa powder to adjust pH. Additionally, it can be provided to foaming tablets which can advantageously give potassium when there are low levels of potassium in the blood for patients caused by different sorts of elements. In industry, potassium carbonate is fabricated however first performing electrolysis of potassium chloride to create potassium hydroxide, trailed by response with carbon dioxide to infer the item. It is harmful upon eye to eye connection, inward breath and ingestion. It effectually affects people, making harm the mucous films, skin, and eyes.

Potassium carbonate , otherwise called potash; its appearance is boring gem or white granules and is effortlessly dis-solvable in water with its answer being firmly antacid. Cool its soaked arrangement with producing smooth nonclinical crystalline hydrate isolated. It has a thickness of 2.043. It will lose its precious stone water at 100 ℃. It is insoluble in ethanol. It has a solid hygroscopic impact and can ingest carbon dioxide and water upon introduction to air to be changed over into potassium bicarbonate. It can be created through the response between potassium hydroxide with carbon dioxide to give. You can likewise get it through the warming response between potassium chloride and magnesium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide under weight or acquire it through the impregnation of tung seed fiery remains and plant powder. It is principally utilized as the crude material for amalgamation of decolonization gas, electronic tubes, glass, polish, printing, welding, film creating, inorganic salts and kines cope glass shell. The debased potassium carbonate base is normally called base, Tong base or pearl dark and is one sort of early types of potash.

Potassium carbonate is a vital crude material in fundamental inorganic concoction industry, prescription industry and light industry. It has been for the most part utilized as a part of generation of optical glass, terminal tube, TV tube, globule, printing things, color, ink, photography things, sodium metastatic, polyester powder, plating, calfskin, artistic building materials, precious stone, potash cleanser and medications. Plus, it additionally can be utilized as gas adsorbent, dry powder and elastic defensive agent.Potassium carbonate can be utilized for expulsion of carbon dioxide in substance compost syn-gas. Potassium carbonate likewise can be utilized as a potassium manure. Potassium carbonate likewise broaden its application in the field of cleanser developer, gourmet and nourishment.



Product Description

Potassium carbonate Features :


   White, Deliquescent inorganic compound


   Melting point 891oC and specific gravity of 2.428 at 19oC


   Soluble in water and insoluble in Alcohol


   Available in Granules and powder form

   Sr.    Characteristic    Specifications
   1.    Total Alkalinity (as K2CO3) on dry basis    %    99.00    min
   2.    Free Alkali as KOH    %    00.20    max
   3.    Bi Carbonate (as KHCO3)    ppm    00.40    max
   4.    Chloride (as KCl)    ppm    150.00    max
   5.    Iron (as Fe+++)    ppm    10.00    max
    Caution : Decomposes when heated, emitting toxic fumes


TV Picture Tubes


   GLS lamps and Ophthalmic glasses


   Fertilizer industry


   Rubber Chemicals


   Pesticide Industry


   Dyes industries and other Potassium based chemicals