Heetu Chemicals partners with India and Asia's leading manufacturers of Food & Beverage products. As a distributor of Large companies like GACL, Dow, etc we are able to provide Just in Time deliver for our clients avoiding high inventory costs. We focus on providing Quality and Certified material and ensure agreed processes are followed.

# Item Name Categories More Info
1 Compressed Hydrogen Gas GACL PRODUCTS ->Caustic Soda Group More Info
2 Phosphoric Acid GACL PRODUCTS ->Phosphoric Group More Info
3 Calcium Chloride Powder GACL PRODUCTS ->Calcium Chloride Group More Info
4 Hydrogen Peroxide GACL PRODUCTS ->Hydrogen Peroxide Group More Info
5 Antifoam Agent( Silicone/Polyglycol based) DOW CHEMICALS Products ->.. More Info
6 Antifoam Agents (Defoamer) DOW CHEMICALS Products ->.. More Info
7 Antifoam DOW CHEMICALS Products ->.. More Info